Megan Allen


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My Journey So Far:

I was born in South Florida as a middle child with one older brother and one younger sister. It was just about as idyllic as childhood could be. No complaints! (Except maybe when our dog died on Christmas but life isn’t perfect). I attended private Christian schools until my siblings and I realized that going to school is a joke and that we could do school from home in our pajamas. I graduated a year early (overachieving homeschooler) when we moved to Waxhaw, North Carolina. Haven’t heard of it? That’s because it is 30 mins away from everything in the middle of a bunch of tree. It was perfect.

I started college at Central Piedmont Community College in the fall of 2005. I graduated in 2008 with an associate in Dental Hygiene. Then I married my long time high school sweetheart (dated six years most of it long distance!!) My husband opened up several electronic repair stores and we were sitting pretty. Then one day my head started hurting and it hasn’t stopped yet.

After many years (and doctors) we finally figured out what my condition is. I have New Daily Persistent Headache. It basically means that my head started hurting out of the blue one day and may never ever stop. Don’t really know what causes it. Don’t really know how to treat it. But the trick is keeping your joy. My mom’s motto to us as kids was “You choose your attitude”. And I try to live that everyday.

I choose joy. I choose gratitude. It’s a fine, fine life.

Thanks for showing up. Thanks for being you.

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