Megan Allen

Elinor’s headaches let her see Morland, a magic world, and it doesn’t like to be seen.

Derek vowed he would never ever go back to Morland even if he was the last prince.

When Elinor’s magic attracts the attention of creatures of darkness,

Derek’s past may be the only way to save her.

Adventures awaits.


Derek is back on Morland, something he vowed he would never ever do. But sometimes a girl turns a guy into an idiot. Morland is the worst and it has been patiently waiting for him.

And for her.

The clock is ticking. The full moon is rising.

The Goodness and the Darkness will battle for Derek’s soul and the very fate of Morland rests in Elinor’s hands.

Blood will be spilled.


Derek’s dark years trapped on Morland are now illuminated.

Every bloody, nightmarish moment.

And this story has more than you know. It is enhanced with illustrations, maps, charts, and snarky comments by our own Peter Lawrence.

Morland has never felt so close and thankfully still locked between pages.

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