Megan Allen

I got an explosion of ideas. Scenes about best friends, or estranged lovers. Scenes about super heroes and space pirates. Each character and story wanting their chance, wanting me to choose that door.

Welcome to Imagination Headquarters where such great ideas as Computers Screens Snake Attacks are born. Each floor is full of hallways full of closed doors. I found one that says "Morland" and I opened. After exploring it for many years, three books were created or uncovered. But there are more doors...


This is too accurate. Sometimes I'm scribbling out the scene in my head and before I'm even done the next scene starts talking over the first and I'm trying to remember everything I'm seeing. One of the many problems with getting inspiration this way is that it's impossible to reproduce. Once I lost all my notes for the evening and I could not remember one word I had written. The doors had stopped talking and I couldn't even remember the conversation. So I try to be quick or I have to let that one go knowing I may never see it again.

Butterfly catching: Can't catch 'em all.


I hate copy editing!! So much. I'm not good at it and I'm too poor to pay for it. So I wrangle all my teacher friends and everyone who has ever used a comma correctly and make them edit it with me. It somehow gets done. Or well enough. Because there is always, and I mean always, at least one typo in the manuscript.